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To promote an inclusive legal and financial system to make sure fair and meaningful justice to the marginalized and disadvantaged sector. Know all about your life with the study of Indian Vedic Astrology and Numerology. Get your complete daily, monthly and yearly horoscope predictions. Consult me, to shop and save in 150 countries and start passive income with million of product & services. Create real Assets, which gives you life time income.
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To promote an inclusive legal and financial system to make sure fair and meaningful justice to the marginalized and disadvantaged sector. I am creating a new way of thinking about money that encourages sustainable and equitable economic growth while supporting local businesses
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About : Soothsaying is a pseudoscience that professes to divine data about human issues and earthly occasions by examining the developments and relative places of heavenly items. Crystal gazing has been dated to at any rate the second thousand years BCE, and has its underlying foundations in calendrical frameworks used to foresee occasional movements and to decipher heavenly cycles as indications of celestial interchanges. Numerous societies have connected significance to cosmic occasions, and a few, for example, the Hindus, Chinese, and the Maya—created expound frameworks for foreseeing earthbound occasions from divine perceptions. Western soothsaying, one of the most seasoned prophetic frameworks still being used, can follow its foundations to nineteenth seventeenth century BCE Mesopotamia, from where it spread to Old Greece, Rome, the Bedouin world and at last Focal and Western Europe. Contemporary Western crystal gazing is regularly connected with frameworks of horoscopes that indicate to clarify parts of an individual's character and anticipate critical occasions in their lives dependent on the places of divine items; most of expert celestial prophets depend on such frameworks.

Palmistry Aspect

Palmistry uncovers singular character a lot qualities through the investigation of the shape, size and lines of the hands and fingers. There are two divisions inside this antiquated science. Chiromancy manages the lines on the palm and chirognomy manages the state of the hands and the shading, shape and surface of the palm, fingers and thumb.

Numerlogical Aspect

Your Life-Path number is probably the most influential numerological aspect to be considered. This number is determined by your birth date and represents who you are at this time. It indicates specific traits that are present and will likely be active and influential throughout your lifetime.  

Kundli Aspect

Kundli otherwise called horoscope, speaks to the situation of the planets at the hour of your introduction to the world. Kundli is utilized to decipher divine impact in your life. Precise birth date, time and spot are a significant factor in Vedic Astrology as it assists with creating exact Kundli. Kundli age is the structure square of prescient soothsaying. There are different sorts of choices to create a Kundli, for example, Parashari, Jaimini or KP Kundli alongside various Ayanamsa. We at Vedic Rishi, furnish you with all the alternatives to pick and produce your own precise Kundli.

Know Your Life

Get your complete daily, monthly and yearly horoscope predictions. Know all about  your life with the Indian astrology, numerology, Palmistry.
This text, which is individually tailored to your personal astrological profile, describes your talents as well as those aspects which are more challenging to help you learn more about the structure of your personality. It is a step towards integration and development and a valuable tool for all those interested in understanding and realising their potential.  
The Psychological Horoscope Analysis discusses the following topics as shown by your natal chart: 
  •  Your basic psychological type-strengths and weaknesses 
  • The main characters within your psyche - conscious and unconscious aspects of your personality 
  • The psychological atmosphere during your childhood and within your family 
  • Typical patterns in your relationships 
  • Your path towards integration and development
Personal Eclipse Report 

New eclipse report explain  which topics an eclipse season entails, In which areas of your life the solar and lunar eclipses will manifest themselves and how you can best use the quality of time. Today, now that we know how solar and lunar eclipses are caused, we no longer need to fear that light is fundamentally endangered. However, during an eclipse, the Sun and the Moon, the two central lights of a horoscope, form a unique relationship. Therefore, astrologers attach great importance to the symbolic battle between light and darkness.

Money and Success
The horoscope about your potential for success, and you can use it for personal success. Instead of discussing investment plans and promising career plans, the following horoscope analysis presents your very personal dispositions and resources that make it possible for you to develop your individual potential. The chapters in the Money and Success Horoscope: 
  • Your Approach to the World 
  • Your Personal Attitude Toward Money and Possessions 
  • Developing Talents and Making the Most of Resources 
  • Other People's Money 
  • The Risk of Failure. 
  • The Happy Life 
Knowing what type of wealth and happiness is allotted to you and which investments pay off gives you the chance to take action according to your own standards and not let yourself be guided by other people's values.

The Patterns of your relationship. Psychology and astrology can offer many insights into the inner mechanisms of relationships. 
 The combination of both - a psychological view of the partners and their needs, enlightened by the deep wisdom of the horoscope - can help us to find our way through the sometimes uncerstain sphere of love more consciously and with more alternatives and choices.The page text is centered around the following topics: 
  • What brings you together: The essential energies at work between you and your partner 
  • What the two of you create: Your relationship as an independet entity.Your relationship and yourself: 
  • Your relationship and your partner. 
  • Deeper issues activated inside.

A complete details about your life study for next 365 days as per your vedic horoscope. Your next year of life gives you brief knowledge what to do and not to do. The power and your aura indicates your potential and strength. This would help you to take the right decision of your life at right time. 
  • The pages will show you the result of twelve month.
  • Description about the life of nakshatra and effect upon your life. 
  • Mood tells you more about your behavior. 
  • Effects on your relationship and their behavior
A message for your life is a pre recorded message on whatsapp. It's help you to know your present situation, related to your question.  No need to read, just a recorded message. Listen and get solution according to the indian vidic horoscope. 
Simple and fast. You can ask anything. Question related to your financial and relation. What ever you feel. Just send the message or contact me. Pay an affordable fee according to your needs and questions.

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